Tuesday, September 14, 2010

50% Off Canvas Prints!

This morning, when I check the Little Hands Artwork Facebook page, it had just hit 100+ "LIKES"!!!
So I am CELEBRATING by offering a spectacular deal!

Anyone who orders a program by 11:59pm on Saturday, September 18, 2010 will get 50% off any CANVAS PRINT!

Just go to www.LittleHandsArtwork.com and check out the 3 different programs...
The Studio (for up to 8 pieces of artwork)
The Gallery (for 9-12 pieces of artwork)
The Museum (for 13-15 pieces of artwork)

You don't need to choose the pieces of artwork you want to use nor have gather the masterpieces today...
After you order the program, the 50% off coupon will be emailed directly to you
and it doesn't expire until December 31, 2010.

You could use this discount for
Fall & Winter Birthdays...Christmas...Hanukkah...New Years Gifts
or simply treat yourself!

Happy Shopping!